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Hello Everyone,

Well, we're right on track for publication by September 1. The second round of edits has come back to me, and I'm all over it. It feels good to be writing again. During the weeks that The Outmate was out of my hands, I was so restless. I started writing the second book of the trilogy, The Mastermind, however it's not the same. I need to finish this one before my energy transfers completely to the second.

But we are on track! It's so exciting to watch this dream of mine slowly manifest into a more and more polished, beautiful creature. Recently I was contacted by a very talented sketch artist who will be putting together some likenesses to the characters and other important aspects of the book. That is simply amazing to me. This is becoming larger than just me and my dreams, and I love it. Other people are starting to get lost in the dream as well, before it even is fully in print. How cool is that?

I will keep in touch, and as the summer rolls on give you updates as we go. Expect by September that this glorious ride will come to fruition.