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News from The Outside

Greetings, everyone!

The Outmate is now a finished product, and has been handed over to publisher for good. No more tweaking, no more plot changes, no more obsessing over every sentence. Well. That's not true. I'm still obsessing. However it's now out of my hands, and I'm made a stern rule for myself that I will not re-read it any more until it's out in print. Maybe not even then. After three years the story is ingrained in my mind and has become a part of me. Now I need to let it go out into the world. I feel rather like a mom putting her kid on the bus for the first day of school. Although really, to make the comparison of mom/kid to Chrissie/Nick... not so much. All I can say is, get ready world. This isn't your mother's romance novel.

However yes, it is sad to let it go and to try to move on to the next book. There I'll undoubtably pick up my characters again and get just as swept up as the first time, but I'm taking a short break before I do so. I took three years to write The Outmate, largely because I had no plan and no rhythm. It was only in the last eight months of writing it that everything came together and I found my stride. So I don't think the second book will take as long. Frankly, the right side of my brain needs a break. Therefore I'm focusing instead on marketing The Outmate and will pick up the second book again when I've had a good rest. 

We are still on track for September 1st, and I have some surprises coming up on release that I think everyone will find exciting. I know I do!

I'll keep you posted on the progress throughout the summer!